How India Post Tracking Works

The India post alternatively known as the speed post can be tracked online in many different ways. This article will guide you on how the India post tracking features of the general postal department works. As a customer of the Indian postal department, it is good to know the behind scenes of this functionality.

The Indian post office maintains different kinds of databases to store the details of the customers, courier information, banking related details, and pin codes of all Indian regions. There is one such database that is called a tracking database that stores the status information of all couriers.

When a parcel is booked, the staff enters the complete details about the parcel like the weight, from address, and to address details in the application. The application saves this information in the database and generates a unique AWB number. It also generates an acknowledgment receipt. The staff then takes a printout of this receipt and hands it to the customer. As you can see this generated AWB number is tied to the courier. Whenever to find any information related to the courier, the customer has to use the AWB number and can fetch the details.

Behind the scenes, the postal department keeps updating the courier with information like the estimated delivery date and the transit path that the package will take to reach the destination address. Now, when the customer wants to know the status at any time, the customer can enter the tracking number on the postal department website and can get the status of the package. The GPO retrieves the status information from its database and produces it as an end result.

The GPO maintains the courier information for at least a year on their servers and then it will be rolled over to an archive for any reference. The archives are maintained in special storage rooms as these archives are highly important and contain sensitive information related to the couriers.

There are other ways to track the courier status which are already discussed. To summarize these methods are using the SMS, IVR number, and physically going to the Postal office. It depends on once own choice on which method to use. However, the widely used method is the online tracking method. Not only the India post, but the registered documents can also be traced using the online method. Many of the customers do not know that just by paying Rs.10 extra, the speed parcel can be converted to a registered parcel. This option is only available at the time of sending the speed courier and not during the transit of the package.

Most of the time the registered post is not required and is used only for highly official and sensitive documents. Also, when the consignee needs any delivery proof then can go with the registered articles. This is complete details about how India post tracking works. You can visit the official India postal website to get more knowledge about the track and trace functionality.